Business Announcements

Below is a list of companies that partnered with Missouri to announce their expansion projects and create jobs throughout the state. It does not encompass all of the great work that other Missouri companies have undertaken independently to expand during the year.*
Company Location Jobssort descending Investment
SRG Global Portageville 0 $4.20M
AgIdea St. Louis (county) 0 NA
Virbac Corporation Kansas City 0 N/A
CD Aviation Services Joplin 0 $400K
St. Joe Petroleum St. Joseph 3 $110,000
Kerry Greenville 4 $14.2M
Clay and Bailey Manufacturing Co. Kansas City 4 $1.50M
NovaCopy Malden 6 $900K
Indigo Wild Kansas City 6 $875K
National Excelsior Company Brookfield 6 $740K
AB Mauri North America St. Louis (city) 7 N/A
Kaiima St. Louis (county) 7 N/A
Clockwork Architecture + Design Kansas City 8 $1.04M
Midwest Metalcraft & Equipment Company Windsor 8 $150K
Nemo Manufacturing Inc La Grange 8 N/A
Decision Insight Kansas City 9 $2.05M
QC Supply Sedalia 9 $1.10M
Salon Service Group Springfield 10 $4.18M
L&R Industries Cabool 10 N/A
Generator Studio Kansas City 10 $200K
Eurofins Panlabs St. Charles 10 N/A
Verve Design Studio St. Louis (city) 10 N/A
Pipkins Inc Chesterfield 10 N/A
Forrest Innovations St. Louis (county) 10 $450K
Mark Andy Inc St. Louis (county) 10 N/A