Business Announcements

Below is a list of companies that partnered with Missouri to announce their expansion projects and create jobs throughout the state. It does not encompass all of the great work that other Missouri companies have undertaken independently to expand during the year.*
Company Location Jobs Investmentsort descending
Ceva Animal Health Kansas City 10 N/A
AutoAlert Kansas City 300 N/A
Likarda Kansas City 16 N/A
Ameritas Investment Corp. Kansas City 18 N/A
Vital Farms Springfield 50 N/A
Virbac Corporation Kansas City 0 N/A
Premium Waters Riverside 38 N/A
Sonoco Plastics Chillicothe 16 N/A
Hufft Projects LLC Kansas City 12 N/A
Ford Kansas City 900 N/A
Martinrea Riverside Riverside 70 N/A
Spartan Light Metal Products Mexico 109 N/A
Littler Kansas City 275 N/A
Pharma Tech Industries Union 20 N/A
Stainless Technology Springfield 88 N/A
Eurofins Panlabs St. Charles 10 N/A
TopOPPS Inc St. Louis (city) 35 N/A
Italgrani Elevator Company St. Louis (city) 25 N/A
Nestle Trenton 135 N/A
General Motors Wentzville 750 N/A
VML Kansas City 120 N/A
Cardinal Health Moberly 50 N/A
Magnitude 7 Metals Marston 450 N/A
Martinrea Riverside 290 N/A
Ford Kansas City 900 N/A