Business Announcements

Below is a list of companies that partnered with Missouri to announce their expansion projects and create jobs throughout the state. It does not encompass all of the great work that other Missouri companies have undertaken independently to expand during the year.*
Company Location Jobs Investmentsort descending
Multivac Kansas City 50 $6.90M
BioStar Systems Sedalia 23 $60.00M
Quaker Window Products Eldon 300 $65M
Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) Springfield 65 $7.00M
Custom Truck & Equipment Kansas City 43 $7.05M
TTG Inc. Higginsville 20 $7.25M
Triumph Foods St. Joseph 105 $7.50M
Aviation Technical Services Kansas City 544 $7.80M
SRC Logistics Springfield 50 $700K
National Excelsior Company Brookfield 6 $740K
Jurox Pty Ltd. Kansas City 13 $741K
Marine Electrical Products Lebanon 15 $749K
Universal Components Group St. Charles 31 $765K
HS Baking Joplin 60 $8.00M
Ag-Power Higginsville 28 $8.70M
Sunfarm Food Service St. Louis (county) 15 $820K
Fidelity Communications Sullivan 37 $825K
Indigo Wild Kansas City 6 $875K
Russell Cellular Springfield 135 $8M
Frick's Quality Meats Washington 40 $8M
Witte Brothers Exchange Inc. Troy 105 $8M
Owens Corning Joplin 100 $90.00M
NovaCopy Malden 6 $900K
World Wide Technology Maryland Heights 500 $95.00M
Express Scripts Joplin 100 $960K


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