Business Announcements

Below is a list of companies that partnered with Missouri to announce their expansion projects and create jobs throughout the state. It does not encompass all of the great work that other Missouri companies have undertaken independently to expand during the year.*
Company Location Jobs Investmentsort descending
Huber & Associates Jefferson City 35 N/A
World Wide Technology St. Louis (county) 100 N/A
Earth-to-Go Waynesville 70 N/A
Multiply St. Louis (city) 55 N/A
Thomson Reuters Creve Coeur 20 N/A
NICE Rail Products St. Louis (city) 82 N/A
Evolution St. Louis St. Louis (city) 50 N/A
Solid Gold Pet Chesterfield 20 N/A
Pipkins Inc Chesterfield 10 N/A
Integrity Web Consulting Inc St. Louis (city) 30 N/A
BH North America Corporation St. Charles 50 N/A
Swiss Re Kansas City 400 N/A
Mercury Communications & Construction Fenton 13 N/A
Boeing St. Louis (county) 400 N/A
ThrottleNet Crestwood 24 N/A
Mac Rak Moberly 30 N/A
Boeing St. Louis (county) 500 NA
Ardent IT Solutions St. Charles 10 NA
AgIdea St. Louis (county) 0 NA
American Marksman Independence 65 NA
DST Kansas City 415 NA
Turnkey Technologies Inc. St. Louis (county) 40 NA
CVS Kansas City 360 NA


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