June 5, 2017

Mo EcoDevo Headlines 6/5/17

June 5, 2017

Tax Committee Progresses

The Governor’s Committee on Simple, Fair, and Low taxes has heard from hundreds of Missourians about how to overhaul the state’s tax system. The Report is due to the Governor on June 30th.

Pet Food Co. grows in Joplin

Pet Food Co. Blue Buffalo will expand in Joplin for a second time by constructing a 112,000 sq foot facility and creating 46 new jobs. 

MO- most “high-tech”

PC Magazine ranked KC in the number 9 slot and STL in 10th for most high-tech cities in the nation…Missouri, California, and Texas were the only states with two metros on the list.

Flooding Recovery Efforts

Missouri’s “go big and go early” recovery strategy is helping citizens and businesses recover from this spring’s historic flooding. 

Supporting Small Biz Incubators

And the state deployed half a million dollars to small business incubators throughout the state to support entrepreneurism and innovation.

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