Plant and Agricultural Technology

A place to grow.

That's what prestigious life-science companies like Monsanto, Boehringer Ingelheim Vermedica, and Sigma-Aldrich have already discovered about Missouri. With ten incubator facilities located throughout the state and a hub of top agricultural associations, Missouri is the right environment to expand and thrive; and with low business costs and easy access to investors, Missouri will continue to be the place to blossom in this expanding field, including the areas of:

  • Biochemical Research
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Ecotechnology
  • Agriculture and Crop Production

Missouri had long been recognized for having the right business environment for plant science companies.

  • Missouri is home to the world's leading technology company focused on agriculture --- Monsanto.
  • Missouri is a hub for leading agricultural associations, including the National Corn Growers Association and the National Center for Soybean Biotechnology.
  • St. Louis is the only region in the country to win both the i6 Challenge Grant and the Jobs Innovation Accelerator Challenge. These grants -- $1 million and $1.8 million, respectively -- support science-based entrepreneurship and high-growth industry clusters. The i6 Challenge Grant alone has resulted in 8 new bioscience companies.

Missouri's state of the art research and incubator facilities support plant science companies in bringing their discoveries from the laboratory to the market.

  • Missouri has 14 specialized plant science incubators and research centers spread throughout the state.
    Recently Missouri invested in a new Plant Science Center, a plant science research center with manufacturing capabilities and a joint venture of the Missouri Technology Corporation and the University of Missouri System.
  • The state provided $7.5 million in funding and incentives for the center.
  • The Whitney R. Harris World Ecology Center -- a cooperative project of University of Missouri-St. Louis and Missouri Botanical Garden -- has grown over the past 20 years into one of the world's preeminent centers for education and research in tropical biology.
  • Washington University in St. Louis was ranked 11th best in graduate program in biological science by U.S. News.

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