Beyond measure.

Beyond the facilities, samples, and clinical trials, Missouri’s greatest contribution to the biomedical industry is a community of researchers that is truly beyond measure. With top-ranked schools and a cadre of well-known device and pharmaceutical manufacturers already here, the state is in an excellent position to move the industry forward.

Missouri’s low business and energy costs—combined with its research capabilities—make it a top pick for  bioscience companies from around the globe. Whether you specilize in research and development, pharma discovery and manufacture, genomics, or medical devices you will not find a better home for your business.

Missouri has long been recognized for having the right business environment for bioscience companies.

  • A recent study called the National Cluster Mapping Project, ranks St. Louis’s biopharmaceutical cluster as the 6th largest in the nation, ahead of such areas as Boston, Cleveland, and San Diego. The study, which was conducted through Harvard Business School, ranked Missouri 12th for employment in biopharmaceuticals.
  • The Kansas City region is 5th per capita in clinical trials conducted (Missouri Biotechnology Association). 

Missouri’s state of the art research centers, incubator facilities, and hospitals support companies in bringing their discoveries from the laboratory to the market.

  • Missouri has 23 specialized biomedical incubators and research centers spread throughout the state.
  • Missouri is home to the largest universityoperated research reactor in the country at the University of Missouri in Columbia.
  • Scientists at the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center were the first in the world to decode the complete DNA sequence of a cancer patient (Missouri Biotechnology Association).
  • Missouri is home to the Stowers Institute, one of the most innovative biomedical research centers in the world.

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