Companion and Feed Animal Sciences

Sit. Stay. Heal.

With a significant portion of the industry’s global revenue concentrated here, professionals are afforded a unique opportunity for collaboration.  Strong representation in the areas of biological research, animal farming and animal food manufacturing allow for work resulting in meaningful advancements in the field.  Because Missouri’s leadership in the industry dates back more than a century, there is real staying power in the burgeoning cluster of new businesses finding their way to the state. 

These businesses—coupled with outstanding veterinary schools and incubator facilities—ultimately give us a greater power to heal, with regular breakthroughs in nutrition, diagnosis, and treatment of farm and companion animals.

Missouri has long been recognized for having the right business environment for animal health companies.

  • Nearly one-third (32%) of the $19 billion global animal health industry is centered around the Kansas City area.
  • Missouri is the hub for 5 leading agricultural associations that have a vested interest in bioscience research.
  • The American Angus Association and the Dairy Farmers of America are among the prominent agricultural associations headquartered in Missouri. Both have a vested interest in animal health research for improved product yield.

Missouri’s state of the art research and incubator facilities support animal health companies in bringing their discoveries from the laboratory to the market.

  • Missouri has 11 specialized animal health incubators and research centers spread throughout the state.
  • The National Swine Resources and Research Center at the University of Missouri in Columbia was the first to clone and sequence the DNA of pigs.
  • The IDEXX Research Animal Diagnostic Laboratory (RADIL) on the campus of the University of Missouri is one of the two largest research animal diagnostic laboratories in the U.S. and the largest at an academic institution.


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