Skilled Workforce

Welder at work

Missouri's workforce is optimized to serve the motor vehicle manufacturing industry.

Over the years, Missouri has perennially distinguished itself as a Top 10 state for automotive vehicle production, possessing a base of automotive industrial knowledge unrivaled by most every state in the country.

Nearly one-third of Missouri’s counties have auto industry employment concentrations that exceed the national average. In nearly every county, hardworking Missourians are employed in one of the hundreds of automotive industry-related positions.

Missouri workers have exceptional skills and experience in all aspects of motor vehicle production, with particular specializations in light truck and utility vehicle manufacturing, storage batteries, truck trailer manufacturing, vehicle lighting, seating, and brake systems.

Missouri Workforce Facts

  • Missouri has twelve community colleges and Linn State Technical College that offer courses and Associate degrees in precision production trades.
  • 86.9% of Missouri's population over 25 (over 3 million people) has attained a high school diploma or higher, exceeding the national average of 85.6%.
  • Missouri colleges and universities grant over 3,300 BS degrees in engineering or engineering technology annually.
  • Missouri's workforce exceeds the populations of 19 other states, including neighboring Kansas, Arkansas, and Nebraska.
  • Of the 2.67 million workers in Missouri, 606,600, or 22.7%, are employed in Advanced Manufacturing related occupations.

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