Skilled Workforce

Missouri's workforce is optimized to serve the manufacturing industry.  Access to skilled labor means higher productivity, higher quality of product, and higher profits.  With a workforce of more than 3 million, Missouri is home to 252,600 employees in the advanced manufacturing industry.

Education and training enhance our worker profile with 138 institutions of higher education statewide. 

Missouri’s workforce exceeds the entire populations of 19 states, including neighboring Kansas, Arkansas, and Nebraska.

Manufacturing Chart

Missouri Workforce Facts

  • Missouri has twelve community colleges and State Technical College of Missouri that offer courses and Associate degrees in precision production trades.
  • 86.9% of Missouri's population over 25 (over 3 million people) has attained a high school diploma or higher, exceeding the national average of 85.6%.
  • Missouri colleges and universities grant over 3,300 BS degrees in engineering or engineering technology annually.
  • Missouri's workforce exceeds the populations of 19 other states, including neighboring Kansas, Arkansas, and Nebraska.
  • Of the 2.67 million workers in Missouri, 252,600, are employed in Advanced Manufacturing related occupations.

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