Administrative Rule Review

The Missouri Department of Economic Development works to create an environment that encourages economic growth by supporting Missouri’s businesses and diverse industries, strengthening our communities, developing a talented and skilled workforce, and maintaining a high quality of life. In response to Governor Eric Greitens' Executive Order 17-03, we are conducting a comprehensive review of all state regulations. The executive order’s goal is to eliminate all “ineffective, unnecessary, or unduly burdensome” regulations which unduly affect businesses and individuals across the state.

This is your chance to provide input into which regulations work and which ones are barriers to growth. You can submit your comment about DED’s regulations by choosing the appropriate division below and clicking the “Comment” button. Or, visit and submit your input about all other state regulations. 

Division 80 - Economic Development Programs
Principal Responsibilities

The purpose of these programs is to broaden and strengthen the economy of the state by helping create new and improved employment opportunities through the location of industry and encouraging the expansion of existing business and industry.

Division 85 - Division of Business and Community Services
Principal Responsibilities

The Division of Business and Community Services wants to be your partner in progress. Missouri’s central location, well-trained workforce, pro-business climate and strong community partnerships help create an environment for companies to thrive.

Division 170 - Missouri Housing Development Commission
Principal Responsibilities

The Missouri Housing Development Commission is an instrumentality of the state of Missouri, which constitutes a body corporate and politic. MHDC functions as a bank, providing financing directly to developers of affordable rental properties. The commission also provides funding for home loans to qualified, first-time buyers through a network of certified, private mortgage lenders. Mortgage financing is provided through the sale of tax-exempt notes and bonds that the commission is authorized to issue.

Division 195 - Division of Workforce Development
Principal Responsibilities

The Division of Workforce Development provides services for businesses and job seekers through the Missouri Job Centers and The Division works with a number of strategic partners to "skill-up" Missouri's workforce for today's business and industry needs.

Division 262 - Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board
Principal Responsibilities

The Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board (SBRFB) ensures that Missouri state agency rules and regulations do not create an unfair burden for small businesses. SBRFB, working with small business owners throughout Missouri, ensures that the voice of small business is considered when state rules and regulations are created. 

Division 340 - Division of Energy
Principal Responsibilities

The Division of Energy assists, educates, and encourages Missourians to advance the efficient use of diverse energy resources to drive economic growth, provide for a healthier environment, and achieve greater energy security for future generations.

Division 240 - Public Service Commission
Principal Responsibilities

The Public Service Commission regulates investor-owned electric, steam, natural gas, water and sewer and telephone companies. Its mission is to ensure Missouri consumers have access to safe, reliable and reasonably priced utility service while allowing those utility companies under our jurisdiction an opportunity to earn a reasonable return on their investment. 

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