“We’re working on a program where we’re helping the universities tailor some of their graduates to our needs. For example, we’re involved in the launch of a new initiative called MOCAP, which is Missouri Center for Advanced Power. With MOCAP, we’ve teamed up with four of the Missouri universities to create a degree program in battery technology. That’s a first in the country.”

- Randy Moore, President, EaglePicher Technologies, LLC


We offer a number of incentive programs designed to help energy solutions companies flourish in Missouri.

Governor Launches Energy Plan

Why Missouri?

  • More than $4 billion energy solutions exports for 2011
  • 8th most jobs in biomass/biofuels
  • Over 13 million acres of commercial forestlands in Missouri
  • 4th best for optimal solar energy deployment
  • 7th best growth in wind jobs
  • 3rd best energy solutions employment