The Division of Energy assists, educates, and encourages Missourians to advance the efficient use of diverse energy resources to provide for a healthier environment and to achieve greater energy security for future generations.

Division of Energy staff (at a glance)...

  • Collect and report Missouri energy data, and conduct energy policy research and analysis
  • Maintain Missouri's plan for energy emergencies
  • Give technical and financial assistance for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to state and local governments, school districts, and other consumers
  • Support market research and demonstration projects that advance the use of clean, domestic energy resources and technologies, such as solar, biomass, alternative fuels, and wind to power Missouri's buildings and vehicles
  • Provide information and research on energy issues to all Missourians, such as students and homeowners

Division of Energy Programs...

  • Energy Policy and Resources: Legislation, policy research and analysis, energy resource assessments/supplies/prices, energy emergency response, studies, utility regulatory proceedings and energy efficiency collaboratives, energy bulletins, renewable energy standard certifications
  • Energy Efficiency: Implement programs, energy revolving loan fund, state government energy efficiency, state fleet efficiency and alternative fuels, certification of home energy auditors, building operator certification, technical and financial assistance
  • Weatherization Assistance Program: Implement federal weatherization program and utility weatherization funds for low-income, elderly and disabled
  • Fiscal and Administrative: Budget, accounting, human resources, reporting

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